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    Dugas Equipment manufacture winches designed for communication tower erecting and are made to erect towers of various heights. Available in one, two or three drums  models, each winch is custom build one at a time with your specifications.

     One of our popular models, a two drum hoist, has a rated line pull of 12,000 lbs, holds a 7/8" wire with a 10,000 ft. capacity per drum.

     These state-of-the-art winches comes with a wide variety of standard features and customizing options like radio operated anti-two-block, over speed alarm, electronic control lever, high & low speed, automatic and manual brakes, ratchet and dogs plus ergonomic seats just to name a few.

     Responding to A.S.M.E. A10.22-90 standard for personnel lifting and to OSHA directives CPL 2-1-99, these winches are presently erecting towers all over North America, safely and efficiently

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